Monday, 9 September 2013

First day of my holiday and I have a Migraine

Sods law soon as I relax something happens.   First day of my holiday as well. Have made 11 jars of jam though  5 of Victoria Plum Jam and 6 Gooseberry jam; however the migraine has kicked in full force I have had medication and it does not seem to be working so it looks as though it will be a dark room and under the covers for me to try and shake this holy horror its not just the migraine it also puts my system totally out of sync. I get them periodically - I wish I didn't. 

 I am hoping to get a long list of things done this week I use the word hoping as I am urging on the side of caution.

Hopefully  I will be back tomorrow

Take care




  1. Hopefully when you read this the migraine has been banished!

  2. What a shame! I used to get migraines and it was one day in bed having it and then it took another day to get over the 'bit of limp rag' feeling it leaves behind. Do hope you feel better soon.


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