Sunday, 29 September 2013

I am playing Catchup

I have been poorly for most of the week with the most horrible of colds - something I have picked up from work!  It has been a horror and I have been in my bed for a lot of the time just sleeping and keeping warm.  It is still not clear and I am now left with the proverbial runny nose but I am a lot more comfortable than I have been  - I can breathe properly.

As a result I am well behind with my planned preparations, but hopefully I shall be able to get caught up soon.  These things are sent to try us.

I did however yesterday pick up some Victoria Plums 3kg and some Greengage plums 5kg.  Some cucumbers, which have been prepared for pickling together with, some more red cabbage, some shallots, (these are all being brined at the moment).  I have also harvested a load of herbs for drying (this batch) next batch will be for herb jellies and oils) and I have been on another foraging trip gathering more Rosemary which is now drying on the dresser.  I also have some shallots soaking in boiling water to remove their skins and stop me crying whilst peeling them.  They will then be brined left overnight and then washed and put into spiced vinegar tomorrow night.  I therefore have quite a lot to do tomorrow evening when I get home from work.

We have had a small piece of lamb for tea this evening served with roasted potatoes, roast parsnip, mashed potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, chopped greens from the cauliflower, peas, and broccoli  with lashings of mint gravy and very tasty it was too.  I was hungry and decided that I needed a warm comforting simple roast for tea.  The meat came from Morrisons yesterday and was not a big piece but enough for two to three. The roasties were prepared in the fat/pork dripping left over from a piece of roast pork which were extremely tasty.

I am back to work tomorrow, so I have the slow cooker on with a slow cooker chicken stew made from a reduced whole chicken which should give us a tasty hot meal within half an hour or so of getting in tomorrow night.  Served with some mashed potato and some of the roasties left over from tonight's tea its a way of getting a substantial meal and using up bits and bobs of veggies.  I usually put plenty of stock in as well as after the bulk of the chicken has been used the remains can be blended down and used as a tasty soup.  I use the slow cooker a lot as it gives you nice comfort food within a very short period of getting in and does not use excess amounts of power.  I might even go so far as to make a steamed  treacle pudding with custard which is comfort food of the highest order especially with lots of custard.

Take care wherever you are.

Love and Light to everyone



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