Friday, 20 September 2013

Quick update

Thank you for all you kind thoughts and support over the kittens it really did throw me as they were such beauitful pretty kittens.  I took Molly to the vets and she was given antibiotics which seem have helped  her a lot and she is returning to her normal self apart from one thing in particular.  Prior to her pregnancy she showed no enthusiasm for sleeping on the bed like the other two but since losing her babies she has slept with me every night without fail.  The first night was upsetting as she kept calling for them.  She is not keen on my partner either (he has Missy - she is not keen on poor Missy either) and so tends to go out of the way when I am not around OH does not see her but as soon as I come home she puts in an appearance and now comes and jumps on my lap for a bit of a fuss and some comfort.

It has also been a busy week as I have bottomed out the lounge, washed the curtains (which said dry clean only but they have come up well) never mind the fact that I left the curtain hooks in when washing and lost quite a few so ended up having to buy some more.  I had thought to save time.  Will not be doing that again.  The carpet has also been cleaned.  de-cobwebbing (we always seem to have an influx of spiders come September) has taken place and I just have the polishing to do and to clean the brass and copper. Then that is the lounge bottomed out.    Probably  will do  that tomorrow evening as I am at my mum's tomorrow to sort her out.  Sunday will be making a start on my bedroom and hopefully will get that all tickety boo and sorted out and then that is the front of the house sorted.  There is then to start the back of the house.  I have a lot of craft projects that I want to get stuck into and I need space to do them ideally on the top of the dining room table but at the moment it has all sorts of stuff on it which needs a home finding for it.  I have a bedspread to finish off and a blanket to finish joining together and then three sets of rib to knit which should free up some space.  

I am also starting to collate wool for next year's blanket all in bright colours to do a multi coloured blanket this time round. I am also itching to start my denim clippie rug I have loads of pieces cut already and now need to sort the base out and start working it. I want to make a large double rug for the dining room.  I am determined to get stuck in once the house is back to some semblance of normality. I am also itching to have a go at some patchwork and also have a baking session every so often; drag my Kenwood out and get it working for me.  Slowly slowly catch a monkey Rome was not built in a day - but thats the plan.

Right am off to bed I have an early start tomorrow

Catch up soon



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