Sunday, 22 September 2013

Saturday/Sunday Catchup


Yesterday was a very busy day. Prior to going to my  mum's yesterday I went shopping for her starting at Wilkinsons where I could be found round the preserving jar section and where I broke into conversation with a lady called Pat who was looking for bottles in which to process some plums as she had recently been to a pick your own farm and was intent on putting some plums up for the winter months.  They had not got many jars available yesterday and so I asked her if she had tried Dunhelm or indeed Lakeland for jars.  From there we got into a very easy conversation and I passed on a couple of tips that I have come across along the way.  It is good to come across people of a like mind who are interested in food and want to do a little bit here and there to make their Pantry shelf that little bit different.  

I then went on to Waitrose to gather together some other bits and bobs that mum was after and to pick up some fresh fish.  Once I had done the shopping I then headed for the bus station.  

I went to my mum's on the bus as usual and OH was going to pick me up.  However the best laid plans of mice and men completely went out the window as it transpired the car had a problem with the brakes and on closer inspection it turns out that one of the brakes has locked on.  It is booked into our local gent to have a look at it during the week but as a result of this it meant for safety's sake I would have to come back on the bus.  Where mum lives the last bus from the village is 4.56 pm - and as I normally stay a lot longer with her it was a bit of a curtailed visit.  However I did get done everything that she wanted doing; although mum was having a bad day from the pain caused by her Osteoporosis.

However I did have a lovely day with my mum having collected some fresh haddock from Waitrose on the outward bound trip.  I love fish and yes it is a little pricy but prices are relevant when you consider the bigger picture.  I am not keen on frozen fish as I think it affects the flavour quite a bit and certainly the haddock we had yesterday was cooked simply in a seasoned flour and then fried in a little butter in the pan and was served with home made chips.  It was all very tasty and the fish was sweet and delicious.  Out of the one fillet which I bought we had three ladies savings although it would only have done for two man sized portions but it was very delicious and made me more intent on buying fresh fish where I can.

The time came all too soon to leave mum's and I walked to the bus stop caught the bus and then went back into Waitrose again and picked up a few more items for the Christmas hoarding not much but a few useful things whilst I was able to get them and whilst I though about them.  I am terribly sad as I love looking along the shelves in the supermarket trying to see what they have in store and then I do my planning and plotting from there making short achievable lists which all help to build up the Christmas food store (and add to the pantry store generally).  One of the drawbacks of not having the car available meant that I then had to walk home with two heavy shopping bags in tow and I was more than slightly cream crackered when I got in last night. Needless to say I did not do very much last night although I have started crotcheting another blanket (one I can pick up and put down and purchase the wool a little bit at a time instead of having to fork out all in one go.  I love home made blankets they are so warm, snuggly and individual.  I have made a start but the lemon green and cream blanket is on the hit list for completion this week/next week.  I had merely crotcheted up the first square of the new wools to see if I like the colour combinations and I do, so now I know what I have to do with it I can work out how many squares I can get from  the combination of wool I have chosen so that I can keep an eye on the price. I have chosen navy blue, cerise pink, aquamarine green,lilac and purple colours which are quite striking and because it is worked in squares it will be easier for me to work.  I sort of forgot about time and ended up listening to a film as I was crotcheting and instead of the early night I had planned it was about 1 pm before I got to bed.

Sunday So far

So far has been an easy day as I seem to have developed a cold and as a result what was planned has gone to pot and I have been listening to the TV watching repeats of James Martin's new series and doing some more crocheting.  Molly is in a bit of a state as she has come into season again and keeps calling (she is currently fast asleep on the back of the setee but she has been hogging my company again. I am hoping to go for a walk shortly and see if I can get some elderberries.  I feel like some fresh air and I thought that the juice from some fresh elderberries made into a syrup might help me fight off this cold.  We are having roast chicken for Sunday dinner later on.

Hopefully I will catch up later.

Take care



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