Sunday, 20 October 2013


It has been a busy week this week.  Monday night was a special evening run by the Psychic and Spiitual Fellowship we had an evening with well known Medium Colin Fry and it was fantastic.  We hope to have him back again next year.  He brought with him one of his dogs and she was so lovely and well behaved.

Tuesday night I was pottering around at home.

Wednesday night I had a Reiki treatment with a  new client.

Tonight I have been at home pottering again. I was late home as I had an urgent piece of work to complete  that took for absolute ever.  It will be a relief to be home tomorrow night however briefly and Saturday I am at mum's again.  However no peace for the weekend I will be engrossed in housework again tomorrow night.

Did any of you catch the new River Cottage Fruit programme which started last night?  I started to watch it on catchup tv got distracted and then got locked out of the pin so I still have not seen it all the way through.  I have now and am extremely impressed as usual.

Went to mum's yesterday and sorted her out.  Today I have my own housework to do I need the house all ship shape and Bristol fashion so some hard work and effort is going to be needed over the next few weeks.  Hopefully everything will come together at the end - it will not be for the lack of effort.

Right must dash I have my Mrs Mop's head on today.

Hopefully catch up with you all a little later in the day.

Catch you later



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