Saturday, 12 October 2013

Christmas Hoarding Part 5

This week has predominantly been acquiring accessories more so than food stuff.  The other day I popped into Primark to have a look around and in their home wares department I came across some Scandinavian/Fair Isle style throws to use to keep warm - whilst sitting watching the TV over the Christmas period.  £10 each so I bought two.  They have a similar type throw in M & S slightly different pattern and more money.  I also purchased a small red fluffy owl printed throw for £5 - I intend to get another one as the colouring will blend in with the Scandinavian/Fair Isle style throws (so far have spent £25 - which is not bad). They also had some other throws for the bedrooms at quite reasonable prices also; now I have to save up as I would like at least a couple of each. This is a particularly cold house so I like to have plenty of blankets as well as quilts etc to snuggle up into.  Ideally I need a house with a proper coal or log fire as well as central heating..

I have also purchased  a new cookie snowflake cutter from John Lewis to add to my collection of decorative cake pans, cookie cutters etc.  (I have quite a collection).  I always keep my eyes peeled for  something that little bit different.

I also popped into the pound shop today and looked at some of the decorations they had.  I came away with two packs of card stars which you can actually pop an electric light bulb into  in red and white Scandinavian styling and matching paper chain packs (I thought it might be nice to have some traditional decorations as well this year.  This would be a good one to get the children involved in making some of the decorations.  They are pre-glued on the ends.  The paper chains are also in a metallic version

A few other things I have managed to accumulate are as follows:

  1. 2 bottles of Ginger and Lemon Grass Sparkling Presse. £2.79 for two bottles
  2. 2 tins wild red salmon. £1.69 a tin
  3. 2 boxes of candy canes (need to get some more as use on the tree and for decorations) £1 a box
  4. 2 Large Bags Cinema style popcorn. 99 pence per 250g large bag
  5. 1 Packet of Cornish Wafers.
  6. 2 x bags of sultanas £1.19 per bag
So I am getting there very gradually and there is still approximately 11 weeks to Christmas to go.  There will be more from me next week.  How are you preparations going?


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  1. You are so well organised Tricia, I haven't got anything yet :o(
    Hope you are well.
    Rose H


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