Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hedgerow Cookbook

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I am a bit of a bookworm and a bookaholic  - I do have kindle books but to me you just cannot beat the feel and smell of a new book it is so tactile and I can lose myself for hours .  I have to confess I have another new book to add to the collection  that I am rather chuffed with and I think I have purchased it just in time to make use of this seasons freebies blackberries,sloes, bullace, crab apples damsons and whats more the ladies who have written this wonderful book also have their own little preserves business and a web site with an updating letter every so often if you sign up and a blog

Want to have a look inside the book have a look at the Amazon website here:

I have quite a lot of preserving books and this one stands out there with the best of them. The photography is wonderful and the recipes look simple and superb all to maximise the flavour of the wild produce being used.

The book itself is lovely.  It is split into sections i.e.

Flowers and Hips



Fruit with stones

Fruit with Pips


Recipes include  Elderflower Cordial, Grown up Elderflower Jelly, Elderflower and Custard tart, Dandelion Marmalade, Wild Rose Turkish Delight, Nettle Beer, Rabbit Casserole and Nettle Dumplings Amazingly Green Pasta Ribbons Pickled Samphire, Bramble Jelly, Blackberry Jam Bramble Chutney Bramble Sorbet and Ice Cream Bramble Fool Blackbery Port and Almond Trifle Bilberry Jam Wild Blueberry Muffins Elderberry Sorbet Rowan Jelly  Hedgerow Jelly or Jam Sour Cherry Jam Wild Cherries in Brandy Damson Jellyh and Cheese Wild Plum and Pistachio Cake Wild Plum Ice cream Sloe Cordial Sloe Vodka Crab Apple jelly Crab Apple Cordial Crab Apple Leather etc. etc.

If you have not managed to get the book this season make sure you have it ready for the New Year so that you can take advantage of the wild harvest.  An ideal Christmas present.  It really is worth having on the bookshelf both for the lovely recipes and the beautiful photography.

I am so glad I bought this.  I have a couple of more on the Wish list and pennies prevailing I will be able to acquire in due course.  This book is  a real treat.

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