Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I am Going Puddle Jumping

I have woken up this morning to torrential rain -  proper September weather. I now have to navigate from home to work with the aid of a brolly;  the wind is gusting so it should prove interesting and on my past performance the odds of the brolly not turning inside out are not very great. (its not worth betting on)  On that basis it may be a foregone conclusion that I am going to get wet in more ways than one.  I think the odds are slightly stacked!

It looks like I am going puddle jumping like it or not.  So if I am going to get wet I may as well go the whole hog and let the inner child surface - well just for today.  As a child I used to have a pair of red wellies and each puddle I came to I would jump into both feet together and slosh around a bit much to the annoyance of my mother.  There is something delicious in doing something "dangerous" like this, flouting authority and just going for it and you have the freedom without expectation to actually indulge the inner child, when you are small!  It is not as simple for an adult as it becomes slightly disconcerting when an adult indulges to other adults - it breaks the norm.

Now hold on fast forward 50 years and there is still somewhere rumbling around my inner psyche that irrepressible curious fun loving child; just because I am mature does not mean that I always have to act it there is an expectation that I conform but "they" can expect all they want today I am going puddle jumping.

So if perchance you should be travelling to work this morning and you see a well built woman wielding a temperamental  brolly, jumping into puddles and letting her inner child free - no you haven't lost the plot (maybe I have for a little while - that is debatable) or maybe that just for today I have let my inner child out to play!  Tomorrow if it is dry you may find me running through and scattering leaves making their dryness crackle.

At some point I do hope to get to work but just for a little while I am going to have some fun and enjoy just being me.

Are you going to let  your inner child loose today?

Catch you later.  Have a good one.



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