Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Crotchet Blanket for a King Sized Bed

I thought I would share the latest experiment which I have been playing with colour wise for this year's blanket for my bed.  I try and start at least one blanket a year and then have them on a roll so that when I have a few moments I can pick up and be industrious whilst sat down and able to do little bits at a time without having a permanent effect of the work being produced.

The pattern is a simple one.  I let the colours speak for itself.  I have chosen a deep purple for the centre; tourquoise, lilac pink, navy blue, tourquoise, cerise pink and then navy.  The pattern I use is:

To work centre

Work 6 chain close with a slip stitch and form a ring.

Work three chain (which forms the first treble) and then work 11 more treble round the ring and close with a slip stitch.

First row onwards

Work three chain (which forms the first treble) and then work two more treble, two chain and then three more trebles this forms the first corner.  Then work two more chain, and then three treble into corner of circle (making sure work looks even) two chain and three treble. This forms second corner; two chain three treble until you come to the first corner you worked work two chain and then slip stitch into the   Change wool or continue in same colour working same pattern which is effectively two chain three treble building up the squares to as much as you want.

I have worked about fifteen rows after working the centre part after this you can continue on working but it can become cumbersome on your lap but as long as you keep a good tension the blanket should come out okey dokey.   Alternativey restrict the rows you work to the size of square you require.  I then work in all the ends and then crochet the squares together.

Here is one of the squares worked

I just then work as many squares as are needed for the width and the length including allowance for tucking in. I can work one of these squares in an evening.  Now I just have to get the stock of wool in.

I will probably when I have all the rest out of the way try and do a heavy cotton vintage style bedspread as I fancy something a bit more complicated the next time round.

However I think this blanket will be very snug by the time it is finished.



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