Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rain Rain

We desperately need the rain but why does it all have to come at once!  It never stopped all last night and has rained on and off all day so far.  Its the damp that comes with it that I cannot bear and its afternoons like this where I desperately crave a log or coal fire to snuggle up next to to dry out.  Central heating although efficient just does not cut the mustard on an afternoon like today and memories  of day's like today and being at my grandpaents and of toasting crumpets on the fire come flashing back.

I had hoped to start the Christmas cake today but I think because of a lack of time it will have to wait until next Sunday and I will try and do the Christmas Puddings at the same time so that they are all done and dusted.  Might make double whammy so that have some to give as pressies also.

Anyway I am off to potter - just wish the rain would stop.

Catch you all later.




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  1. Raining here too and only a coal effect fire but it looks quite cheerful. Thoughts of Christmas cake in my mind as I need to make it before I go to the USA in early November. Have all ingredients apart from whole mixed peel which seems to be scarce as hen' s teeth these days.


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