Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Evening Catch up

Its been a bit of a quite moochy sort of day and it is still raining and we have succumbed and put the heating on as everywhere and everything was just so cold and damp.  Fortunately I am starting to warm up but I am still going to have my hot water bottles to snuggle up to and keep me warm. It stops me being so stiff in a morning and having the discomfort of achey joints etc for the first hour of every day.

Well I haven't got my fire but I did have my crumpets.  OH has worked today and so as I had not got tea on by then we had hot warm crumpets with mugs of tea just to keep the hunger pangs at bay until tea was cooked which was roast pork, apple sauce, peas, carrots. roast potatoes, roast parsnip, mash, broccoli and cabbage with lashings of gravy and it went down a treat.

The animals are scattered through the house curled up fast asleep .  After Downtown I have some ironing to do and to get packups etc ready for tomorrow.   I also have some strawberry sauce/coulis to make for Christams.

My correspondence is a little behind and I also have some emails to respond to and also some phone messages I thought if I broke them down a few at a time and worth through things methodically might be a more appropriate way of dealing with them

I am out tomorrow evening -if I get chance to pop by I will do.

Take care wherever you are


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