Thursday, 3 October 2013

Thursday Evening Round Up

I would like to welcome a couple of new followers nice to see you Irene and Secret Garden (and to anyone has snook in whilst I was not looking - please accept my apologies to those who I have not mentioned no offence is meant it is just that sometimes I cannot tell who is new and who has been a member for a while.   I hope that you find plenty of interesting bits and bobs scattered through my ramblings.  Grab that cup of tea get yourself comfy  and enjoy and please feel free to comment.

Its been a busy old day again and I have been a little stiff as it has been wet and I always seize up when it is damp.  Never  mind these things are sent to try us.

I was given some runner beans the other day by my friend Mandy along with some mini pumpkins and they are delightful; some roast pumpkin soup is on the agenda for this weekend I think and the beans will get used up with the roast chicken (I shall make stock from the carcass).  I am very lucky.

Today my friend Debbie has brought in some pears and apples off her tree in her garden.  Yet again I am very lucky.  There are at least three or four of us at work who are Foodies and of late we have been sharing ideas and recipes as well as a few ingredients here and there.  I think I might bottle these in a sugar syrup preparing apple slices in syrup and pear halves and I think I will label them  "Debbie's Apples"and "Debbie's Pears" in order that I have the provenance and make the best of wonderful wholesome ingredients.  For me it is all about the ingredients and making the most of them especially when they come from someone's garden  or allotment cannot get much fresher than that.

I had hoped to pop some photos up again but my camera phone is playing silly devils - if I get it resolved will pop in.

I also have some cooking apples that I am going to make some apple sauce with and some more apple slices as they are handy either way for making pies or the slices drained into home made Tarte Tatin one of my favourites especially if served with a home made vanilla ice cream.  Hot and cold completely delicious.

Right I am off to Noddy Land - I am a little shattered but take care wherever you are and no matter what is happening remember that your glass is not empty it is half full.

Love and Light to everyone

Take care



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