Friday, 4 October 2013

Tudor Monastery Farm

I bought the new edition of the Good Food Magazine and was quietly perusing the same and minding my own business when  I stumbled upon a recipe for Frumenty. (described by Ruth as something between porridge and rissotto)  On closer inspection there is a recipe from Ruth Goodman and a caption indicating that Ruth and Peter (Minus Alex) will be back on the television in November for a six part series which will be on BBC2.  

There is a link here:  with further details but this time they are using the Weald and Downland Open Museum as the backdrop.  This is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while as I love "open air living museums" like at Blists Hill and Morwhellam Quay.

This time round Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn  are joined by an Archaeologist Tim Pinfold in replacement of Alex Longlands..

Now that is something to look forward to as I find their programmes very interesting and you learn so much.




  1. Thanks for the heads-up Trishia, I look forward to their programmes too though I shall miss Alex :o(

    Hope you are keeping well.
    Rose H

  2. Thanks for the link Trisha. I am now really looking forward to that. Just my cup of tea. Frumenty always reminds of of Thomas Hardy, and the Mayor of Casterbridge . . .


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