Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tuesday Evening Round Up

It has been busy here as usual.  I was late out of the office again by 15 minutes which puts me out quite a bit as I have a good three quarters of a mile to walk home before actually getting into the house and then setting about tea.  This evening we have had chicken thighs cooked in the oven and then served with home made stir fry. Its a good way of using up all the bits and bobs of vegetables lurking in the fridge. 

As I had the oven on, and rather than waste the extra heat I nipped to the shop and got a small white loaf reduced for 38pence and turned this into Marmalade Bread and butter pudding. I had a half used jar of marmalade open and in the spirit of waste not want not I used some of this up.    I used 4 eggs and a good half pint (probably a bit more of milk) beat them all together in a bowl and put in some grated nutmeg and whipped this well with a whisk.  I then set about slicing the loaf and taking the crusts off, buttering and then spreading with marmalade sprinkling with sugar and then adding the egg mixture allowing the mixture to soak in, in between pourings.  Bung it in the oven I had mine at Gas mark 5 and cook until golden brown and fluffy.  You can serve this with stewed fruit like plums but this evening we had ours with ordinary custard.  Good comfort food that does not cost the earth.  We eventually got to eat at about 7:30 pm.  I must say I was very ready for it.  It will be a skip meal tomorrow night maybe cheese on toast or something like that as I am out tomorrow evening.

For the rest of the evening I have been sorting out the Christmas box under the stairs and getting all the items together.  I still have a way to go but the box is nearly full and that's with just doing a few things here and there, week by week.  It is mostly the bulky items in there but on the positive side buying a little like this means that hopefully I will not have a horrendous bill come Christmas as I should have the bulk in-house.  It is going to be a tight month this month as the car has cost us over £400 to get the brakes, discs and calipers replaced.  Ouch.  (thats with labour as well) but it needed doing as we need the car to get to my mum if necessary and OH needs it to get to work.  Me I use Shank's pony; it helps keep me moving and also keeps me fit.

Each time I pass through the dining room I get a waft of the herbs drying on the dresser.  Mind you I have got a few herbs drying on there that the rope is starting to sag.

Right must get ready for work tomorrow which includes preparing OHs packup.

Take care

Catch you soon

Love and light



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