Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wenesday Evening Tea

I do not leave work until 5:30 pm and that is if I get out on time and by the time I have walked home It is usually 6:00 pm or later and by the time I get in and get sorted to start cooking tea it is often 6:30 pm before I start cooking.  I quite frequently use the slow cooker to make sure we have something nice and hot for tea but yesterday I bought some proper decent sausages (I prefer chipolatas you get about 12 to the 1lb) and so I had made my mind up that we were going to have a toad with a difference.  These days there are only the two of us but I always cook plenty as sometimes if it lives to tell the tale we have a repeat performance with a meal [that is if OH does not get his mits on things first].

Anyway this time I allowed two sausages per portion and spiralled them with the use of a cocktail stick round each other and then popped them into a small oiled pan trimmed the top with some fresh Rosemary and chopped an onion finely and popped this into the oven to start cooking a nice hot heat I had my cooker on gas mark 6..  I then made my usual Yorkshire pudding batter and then tipped it into the middle of the nice hot tin and then popped into the oven to let the pudding rise and it did beautifully and then served with some boiled potatoes and some curly kale and lashings of gravy.  A  simple meal that was incredibly tasty and warming especially on this cold autumn evening proper soul food/comfort food.   I used only 8 sausages out of the 12 and it gave more than ample serving either a meal for four or for two twice.  The sausages that are left will either go for a fried breakfast for the OH or will be utilised in a sausage sandwich.

This evening OH has been making some cheese and bacon slices and some sausage and pickle rolls to take into work with him tomorrow.  We had a right little production line going between us.

I have Friday off this week and am off to my mum's to sort out with the cleaning and Saturday I am at a workshop.  Sunday I am at home.  Monday mum is in hospital to have a gastroscopy and will need someone with her afterwards so I have volunteered to keep my beady eye on her and make sure she does not get into mischief.  I will probably take my knitting with me whilst I am waiting for her..

Right I am off to potter.

Catch up soon.



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