Friday, 8 November 2013

Christmas Hoarding Part 6

As many of you know I like to make things from scratch rather than buying them pre-bought and in order to do this sometimes you have to purchase useful equipment, moulds, cake tins etc to enable you to do this.  However I am a tad tight and I do not believe in paying through the nose for things.  One of the ways I do this is that I check out the pound shops on the off chance that they may actually have something useful and today I struck lucky.  I popped into two pound shops today. In the first one I spent precisely £10.

I came away with:

Two Silicone Christmas Tree mould for chocolate, ice cubes or cookie mix. The mould can be used in the fridge/freezer or in the cooker. £2.

Two Packs of Silicone moulds one a snowman the other a christmas tree one in each pack and by buying two packs I have two of each.  Again can be used in the fridge/freezer or the oven £2.

Two Packs of metal cookie cutters one pack consisting of 5 cutters including an Angel, star. bell, Christmas Tree, and Boot. £1

The second one consisting of four cutters including a gingerbread man, Christmas Tree. poinsettia flower and candy cane. £1

Two packs of cake sprinkles £1 each  £2

A pack of 6 Christmas Reindeer Decorations in a red glitter £1

And finally a pack of plastic teaspoons which I intend to dip in chocolate and then serve with fresh brewed chocolate or coffee. They cost a fortune to buy but they are relatively easy to prepare yourself. £1

So you can do things cheaply with a little careful window shopping and planning and it will give me some playing time to let the inner child free.

Catch up soon.




  1. Sounds like you got some real bargains there Trish. We have a Poundland in town too, so I must go and check out the moulds for Christmas cookies.

    1. Hi BB

      I've been doing a reccy on the pound shops for a while - last year I obtained individual chocolate moulds and cup cake carriers and cake carriers. The main one I used regularly has sweeties and chocolates in as well as Cadburys fingers and other nice things like Viscount Mint Biscuits, Doritos, salsa dips, crisps, old fashioned sweets etc.I noticed when I popped into day that they do little porcelain dishes (meant for individual servings of say lasagne or shepherds pie etc which I think will be idea for storing home made pate in the freezer in. There can be a lot of tosh but the trick is to just buy the things that suit your household and budget. I bought some crisps recently which I thought would be more than okay but neither OH or I really liked them so we will not be buying them again and thats the rule I usually implement. Try it and if okay buy again but otherwise leave it out to the basket. I only usually buy my foil and bits and bobs from the pound shop . That way it gives you more money to spend on things that really matter.

      Take care




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