Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Hoarding Part 9

Well this week I have added:
2 packets Cadburys Fingers (£1 per pack)
2 Packets Cadburys Fabulous Fingers (£1 per pack)
2 jars of gherkins
2 jars Peppadew peppers (OH likes these)
1 bottle of rum (need this for the rum sauce to go with the Christmas Puddings and for the Masawati coffee to keep the chills at bay)
1 bottle of Hobgoblin    (for the home made mustard)
1 bottle of Speckled Hen (for the home made mustard)
"Stocked up on" excuse the pun Oxos all three flavours and 
a jar of marmite (OH demolished the last jar and the cupboard was bare when I came to make stew).
And a 2kg bag of popcorn kernels for home made popcorn (you can always jazz it up with caramel and almonds

I was also given a load of cooking apples so all sorts of things are being prepared with them including spiced apple jelly. 

There are also more shallotts and pickling onions being prepared so many a day so we should be well stocked for a few months at least.

The cupboards are slowly filling up which is how I like it.

Catch you soon.



1 comment:

  1. Sounds good. I have just put a few packets of savoury things away, and bought the main part of the Christmas meat. My OH doesn't enjoy Christmas and would have it just like any other day, so it's down to me to get the goodies!


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