Monday, 25 November 2013

Green Tomato Chutney

Its late for stripping the vines out but a little bit of bounty all the same courtesy of my mum who stripped out the vines in her greenhouse they were still producing fruit but the fruit was not ripening a sure sign that the plant for this year are spent.

When I started writing this post the Green tomato chutney was simmering away and true to form I had not got all the exact ingredients but I had similar ones. This is how recipes are changed if it works I will do it again or follow the exact recipe another time. The recipe called for brown sugar and malt vinegar  and sultanas but I have used white sugar and white wine vinegar as replacements and golden sultanas.I have also slowly simmered the mixture not boiling it to death but letting it simmer gently more to retain the colour than anything else. It is a beautiful pale yellow (I did not want it to go darker and browner) fortunately it is still a pale yellow. Out of 1kg of tomatoes, 500g of apples, 500g of onions I have ended up with three jars (which are a little bigger than the normal size jam jar) and one standard jar.  Something precious to pop up on the pantry shelf.  The scrapings taste good so should be even nicer by the time that its sat for a while.  Will be nice with some pork pie and ham. I am drooling at the mere thought.

Behave yourself Tricia

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  1. Hi Mumasu

    I am well chuffed with how its has turned out something lovely for the tea table especially with cold ham and Turkey.

    Take care

    Thanks for popping by




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