Wednesday, 27 November 2013

I lost it but now I have found it

Now what is she going on about!  My camera that I used for posting lots of photographs on this blog has been missing for about a year and a bit. I have hunted high and low for it and tonight whilst sorting out the dining room I was sorting one of the drawers in the dresser when I realised there was something wedged at the back. Gingerly pushing my hand into unknown territory I was very surprised and pleased to retrieve my camera.  Its an idiot proof one and is ideal for snapping away for the blog.  Now I need to find the battery charger as the battery has gone as flat as a pancake in the interim.  I hope I can get it working again.  OH did buy me a new one but I haven't quite got round to looking at the instruction book; I will do as it is a super proper camera that will be kept for best.  I had a feeling I would come across it one day although initially I thought I had lost it at work!

Big sigh of relief.  All say ahh!



1 comment:

  1. Glad you've found it again. I'm lost without mine.


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