Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Its busy here of an evening

Its been very busy here so far this week.  I was given about 20 lb red grapes from someones local vines and so I started a couple of gallons of grape wine last night. I have never made grape wine before so it is a bit of a learning process.

Tonight I have processsed 5 standard size Kilner jars of Rocha pears and 2 double sized jars in sugar syrup.  A very useful addition to the pantry shelf .  They are the little tiny child sized pears and they were on offer at £1 per bag so I purloined four bags.  Hopefully I shall be able to get some more later in the week. Equally they will be nice served simply on their own or in a tart or tarts or in home made gateau style cake.

Tomorrow evening I will be starting the Clementine and then the Lime Curd. I also have Pink Grapefruit Curd, Orange Curd and Ginger Curd to make which  will all make a delightful filling for a large tart or individual tarts or as a delicious filling for a Roulade or a Victoria Sponge make it really wicked with lashings of fresh cream.  Pink Grapefruit Marmalade and Cordial are also on the cards to make. I also have a new gadget a citrus processor which I am going to try out on the peel. I have  been given a lot of Cooking Apples and I picked up some eating apples as well.  So Apple Pop and Ginger Beer are also on the cards as well as apple sauce, and apples slices in syrup.

So its busy again around here fortunately I am home this week so I should be able to get a wriggle on.  Then it will be a question of rearranging the Pantry so I can squeeze everything in.  The other week I made three bottles of strawberry sauce for topping off home made ice cream yummy.

Right upwards and onwards have to get ready for work tomorrow.

Catch you soon.


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  1. Those all sound so scrummy Trish. Especially the Clementine Curd. As I am the only one in the house who eats preserves now, I make very little, but the urge is still there!


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