Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mum Time and Viennese Fingers

I went to mum's yesterday to do the weekly sort out and get the house all nicely spick and span.  Fortunately her home is very easy to keep clean and I can soon whizz through getting everything as it should be.  Me going to my mum's and doing this is not just a one way situation.  It benefits us both in so many ways; It is a win win situation.   I get to spend precious valuable one to one time with my mum; find out about family members: if I need advice I discuss things with her but she always leaves us to make our own decisions.  Mum equally gets all the jobs that she finds difficult to do like the cleaning, lifting and bending.   (My brother also pops in during the week to ensure that she is okay.  If she wants any jobs doing he also assists) and between us we are doing our best to support her and give her the love and attention which she deserves whilst still remaining in her own home.  Through her recent spate of illness she has been in much pain (she cannot stand for very long) and has found it very difficult to do things but she is starting to see some good days again which I am pleased about for her.  It is noticeable with little things.  I have always been willing to do whatever I can for her but if she wants to have a bash at doing stuff I let her; but am always there quietly in the background ready to assist if things get too much.  During the early stages of the recent spate mum has just had to sit and has become extremely frustrated that she cannot get on under her own steam and do things for herself so it is nice to see her having a go again.  None so more than yesterday.  

When I arrived there was the smell of baking in the air.  Mum had been busy baking and had again cooked dinner for me.  Everyone has heard of Viennese Whirls - mum had made the mixture up and piped it into strips which she believes is a more economical way of dealing with the mix. Hence Viennese Fingers.  Traditionally the mixture is piped into whirl in the bottom of a cake paper.  She then dips one or both ends in chocolate after creaming two of the biscuits together with buttercream.  Mum had done the same the day before for my brother.  Mum's way of showing that she cares.  A naughty nice and very welcome treat which was gratefully received. My mum has always been an excellent cookl.

The Verdict: They are delish - thank you mum. There are not many left.

And Dinner  - delicious as usual.

Catch you all soon



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