Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Hoarding Part 10

    A few more goodies added this week some made some bought still loads to do.
    • Bottled dark plums in syrup for the Christmas Plum Sweetmeats 6 jars
    • More Pickled Onions
    • More Pickled Shallots
    • 5 pint jars and one small jar of Cherries in syrup 
    • 8 jars Peach and Ginger Chutney
    • 2 bottles apple slices in syrup
    • 2 Packets Boudoir Biscuits
    • 2 packets Cadbury Honeycomb Fingers
    • 5 jars Pear and Fig Preserves in Spiced Port Syrup
    • 2 cases bought meringue nests
    • 2 boxes Choco Liebniz biscuits 
    I have also sourced two decorative wreaths for the Christmas Dinner Table.  The plan is at the moment to have a white table cloth and in the centre to have a long thin mirror onto which the two wreaths with two pillar candles will  be placed with some other candles and the mirror will reflect  the candle light.  The wreaths have been sourced from my Greengrocer and she is keeping them for me as she has a nice cold room into which to store then in whereas at the moment I have no where to store them.

    So matters are moving on afoot.

    Still have loads to do.

    Catch you soon



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