Monday, 2 December 2013

December slips in quietly

December has slipped in quietly here although I have been busy as I had managed to acquire fruit at very cheap prices and so I have been busy popping stuff up in bottles  - some will be used at Christmas and some for the New Year - my Glass Pantry services us all year long and I make stuff when I come across bargains and I have the spare cash to take advantage.

Today I have prepared some pears and figs in port which is a recipe from Ghillie James' Cookbook called Jam Jelly and Relish -  and I made the Mulled Spiced Pears and Figs which rather took my fancy especially when she said that she served it with cold meats and a wedge of Manchego Cheese or in the alternative a bowl of good vanilla ice cream. I think cinnamon ice cream might go just as well too.  I made double the quantity and have five jars and used a whole bottle of port (fortunately I had it in the cupboard) and it made the most delicious syrup I love mulled wine anyway but I snaffled the left over syrup and it was delicious.  In fact I might make some up separately as I think it would be delicious in its own right just over plain vanilla ice cream as a sauce.  It was delish.

If you ever get chance to obtain this book do get it as it has some lovely recipes in.

I have also bottled 6 large Kilner Jars of Black Plums and two Kilner Jars of apple slices in syrup and eight jars of peach and ginger chutney.

The peels and some old lemons, lime and grapefruit are being processed for compost jelly in the spirit of waste not want not so it has been an extremely busy  day.

I did not see the news until later tonight and so was unaware of the tragedy in Scotland and in America. So much sadness and loss my heart goes out to those that have lost loved ones such tragedy.

I am back to work today so will catch up where I can

Take care



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