Thursday, 12 December 2013

Evening everyone it has been a busy old week and is going to be even busier next week midnight oil and all that jazz and I have to get the Christmas decorations up and the .  I have next week off on holiday am back at work for one day and then we are off for the Christmas holidays.  Despite getting off to an early start Christmas has crept up on me and I really have to get a wriggle on next week.  Mind you I do like a challenge.

I missed delivery of a parcel today which I sorely need. ( I had a clothes rail collapse and as a result I have clothes hanging where they should not be and they are in the way) so I have bought a new sturdier one on which to store my clothes.  I have rearranged delivery and it should be with me shortly so that I can bring organisation to my bedroom again and find what I am looking for.  

Today we have had a bit of fun in the office.  Four of our brave chaps volunteered to have their legs waxed to raise funds for Charity (Just the lower legs and in some cases toes as well) ouch ouch and double ouch.  It was very game of them but there were a few  moments but they all survived.  I could only stay for part of the event as I had quite a bit of work to do and with having next week off as well I did not want to leave the girls in the lurch.

Its my grandson number one's birthday tomorrow so we nipped round tonight to see him as he is being taken to the cinema to see The Hobbit for his birthday treat so would not be around tomorrow evening.  They grow up so quickly these days.

This evening OH has come home with a gift from work.  The firm is Italian owned and they give all staff members a home made Pannetone and we also received Biscotti and two types of Torrone.  They come in a lovely big carboard box.  I have the one from last year which I have turned into a Hat Box and as that box is nearly full this year's box may be going the same way.

I have been writing Christmas cards this evening and doing my yearly note to the relatives I do not get to see very often.

I have a Christmas meal to go to tomorrow night so I have also been getting my clothes ready as it will be a quick in and quick out tomorrow evening.

It is cold out again this evening however it is warm in the house; the cats are all comatose sprawled in different places and Missy is under her quilt/beddy.  She has a very thin coat and does not like the cold at all.

Right upwards and onwards I still have loads to do.

Catch you all shortly



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  1. It sounds like you are having a busy but enjoyable run up to Christmas. I hope your new and stronger clothes rail arrived according to plan. Our cats are all in the warmest places too (who can blame them?)

    Don't work too hard - I know you've got lots planned.


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