Thursday, 5 December 2013

Plans for tomorrow

Tomorrow I have a day off  and the plan is to bottom the lounge out and get it tickety booh in ready for Christmas well so I can get the decorations and the tree up.

However today I managed to get 4 bags of fresh cranberries.  Marks & Sparks did not have any and I obtained mine at £2 for 300g from Waitrose so tomorrow I am going to start the first batch of Cranberry and apple jelly.  Well at least start it off  as I have plenty of apples at the moment and you have to leave it overnight to drip through a jelly bag so it will get finished off on Saturday evening.  I hope to get some more cranberries probably next week and also make some chutney and I also have a recipe for Cranbrillo from one of the Christmas magazines the Good Housekeeping Christmas Collection 2013. This will be ideal with the cheeseboard. However to serve with the Turkey each year I make fresh Cranberry sauce with Grand Marnier liqueur and we use the jelly during the rest of the holiday and then use throughout the year.  

I also want to make some spiced winter jelly.

So I have quite a bit to do and knowing me I will find something else to add to the list.

Catch you sometime tomorrow.



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