Sunday, 26 January 2014

52 Projects Challenge

I am taking part in the 52 Projects challenge 

I am a little slow off the old starting blocks - mostly due to time constraints but I have in the last week  managed to complete a UFO long stitch kit by Sue Daykin entitled Brotherswater which had been lying doormant for some time.  I felt very chuffed that I was able to complete this and it bucked me up a bit. I tend to be a bit slow in finishing things.   That picture has been popped up in the finished box as I want to get this set of kits completed and then framed properly but in sympathetic frames.   As far as I can remember I have had the kits over 15 years.   They were bought during regular holidays up in the Lake District and indeed i may have had them for a lot longer. I had purchased five or six kits in the range and started a couple of them and then got distracted.  I have taken photographs of what the picture should look like and where I started and how the completed picture looks on my new phone.  I have fathomed out how to take the photographs but not how to send them to get them on to my computer.   So these will follow once that little problem has been solved.  So these will be to follow.  I am not a real techie when it comes to computers etc I just need to be shown how to drive them!

However that's not all.  I have started one of the sister kits from scratch and this is about a third done and I have ran out of wool, some white and a slate colour. It is the stranded wool not the DMC or Anchor wools and I do not think it is Appletons  (there is no name on the kit) and I think I know what I am after but cannot remember the name.  Lewis' used to do some stranded wools as well so if any of you are able to assist information would be gratefully received.

I had looked online to see if I could locate some pictures of the kits that I have but strangely cannot locate anything.

So that is 51 1/2  Projects left to do.  I am hoping that I will be able to catch up with everyone else eventually as I have quite a few UFOS on the go.  I am also spotting new ones for the future.  Hands off I can bookmark but not start.

And this week is not going to be as good as last week due to commitments but I am hoping to get some other things turned round very quickly.

So thats 50 1/2 projects to go.

Take care catch up soon




I have managed to find an image on line of the kit I am working at the moment i.e. Loweswater by Sue Daking but have been unable to find any of the other kits I have.  Here is the one I am working at the moment.



  1. It must feel good to get something finally finished that has been hanging around so long. Hope you get the photo thing sorted x

  2. Hi dreamer. It felt very good to get it finished as it was quite fiddly in places. The second kit I have run out of a couple of colours of wool on but I can continue with the rest of the threads for the best part so I will have a look around to see if I can match them up. I have also dragged out my yellow green and cream single bed crotchet blanket. Half of it is joined have the other half to join together. I need to get some cream wool to finish off the stitching and also put a deep border all the way round. I might try and get the wool during the week in preparation then I can do that next after the long stitch kit. Nice to see you over here and welcome.

    Take care




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