Sunday, 12 January 2014

52 Projects in 52 Weeks

I am going to follow Dreamer at Living a Slow and Simple Life here is the link to her blog
 in this little project based over 52 weeks.  In my case this is to try and focus and get rid of some of the UFOs completed as well as hopefully starting some new projects with materials I already have to hand. Under normal circumstances I tend to prevaricate get distracted and end up doing things I had not planned.  Its the free spirit in me. Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.   This in turn  will hopefully help me to de-clutter some of my craft stash as well.  Well that's the plan.  I am also going to add in here making some pressies for Christmas next year to save the panic and unnecessary pressure doing everything last minute

I am also popping projects and kits I have had for some time but not got around to starting. If I can get to them I will but if I do not then there is always next year, but the aim is to try and focus.

Here is the start of my list:


Things to do:

Get the door knob fixed on the Dining Room Door it is currently without its handles.

Get a new lock to the back door.

Paint the kitchen, and stencil. 

Lay new flooring and make gingham curtains to cover the sink doors which do not match the kitchen units and the washing machine.  

Get a curtain track fitted and get curtain hung for back door.  Make an inner fleece curtain to keep any draughts at bay.

Make Door Sausage to keep drafts at bay.

Get curtain track fitted above window and take blind down and clean and reinstate then hang the curtains.

Get curtain track put up in the dining room.

Get curtain hung.

Hang inner blind.

  • Finish off the jumpers and knitting I have started.
  •  The various crotchet blankets I have on the go  - fulfilling these really would clear up some valuable space.
  • Some of the long stitch kits I have of the Lake District need completing then I will be able to get them all framed in similar frames and mounts and Display them.
  • Some of the cross stitch kits including Indian Samplers. other samplers and other cross stitch kits including a reproduction of an American Sampler started over 34 years ago.
  • Start the clippie rug I have already cut the bits for out of old jeans.
  • Finish off the Needlepoint cushion covers
  • Finish off the embroidered tea table cloths.
  • Finish knitting that Tea cosy.
  • Finish off that blanket I had knitted in lilac, whites and purples (its more of a cuddle throw really) - its still not all sewn together (I should really do that first but I am not sure where it is at the moment will have to go on the hunt for it.  It would be a good one to get rid of first.  Any wool left over could then go into a remnant blanket to use up all the odds and ends - the blanket of many colours.
  • The yellow and green crotchet blanket part finished and stitched up still half to go and then to get the wool to work a boundary deep edge around.  This blanket is the finishing piece to some bedding I have in green and yellow for a single bed.
  • I need to purchase more wool by mail order once the pennies are saved to finish off the crotchet blanket I started last year, the navy, tourquoise, pink, lilac blanket for my bed.
  • Make some small pressies for giving at Christmas for next year.
  • Knit some presents
  • Make some Christmas Decorations.
  • Make up the Christmas panels for wreaths, tablemats, tablecloths, advent calendars and Christmas Stockings and hand quilt where necessary.
  • I also have a number of Bucilla kits for Christmas stockings, tree skirts, door knob embellishments in felt embellished with beadwork and sequins. I have also had these for quite a few years but have not got to start them yet.
  • Start a lap quilt made from shirts - have most of the fabric to hand already.
  • Make a Dresden Plate Table Runner  - I thought for the table for Easter - we will have to see no promises on this one.
  • Start a Dresden Plate Quilt.
  • Start a Double Wedding Ring Quilt.
  • Make some beaded baubles for the Christmas Tree.

Well that's made a start.  No doubt I will add other things as they come to me or as I locate them.  Will just do what I can in no particular order.

Are you going to join in too - its a good way of getting things going again especially when they have become stuck or you have been taken off elsewhere.

Catch up soon.


Amended to include:

Introduce a batch baking day for the freezer

Introduce a baking day each week

Experiment with recipes,for bread, pastry and cakes

Start the veggie garden off early


  1. That's quite a list. I wil have to have the mental version as my ongoing health problems mean I have to rest up sometimes. I have had a couple of ticks on the to do list already this week though - clearing out the maps (we had 3 baskets full of them! and taking stuff to the charity shop, plus selling 10 boxes of books and sorting out 3 more of old cookery books I know I will never look at, to go to the Green (charity) Shop in Llandeilo, along with all my wine-making stuff. I have to be more or less teetotal now, so no point in hanging on to it when someone else could benefit.

    1. Hi BB must be difficult getting rid of items so lovingly collected. I know one day will have to do the same but not quite ready just yet. That is why I am trying to have a purge on the UFOs - there's a lot more I can add to the list. Everything in moderation BB. Just take care and you will get there. Love and light

      Pattypan xx


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