Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I am suffering at the moment with Januaryitis - it is always a long month and the days seem particularly grey and extremely long at the moment.  Neverending.  I am waiting for Spring but we have  couple of months to wait until then. 

 I have also been struggling this week with the arthritis playing up and having not much energy and constant discomfort - that in itself can get you down (especially when there is so much to do).   I do not think it helps as OH is suffering with SAD and another dicky patch with regard to bipolar disorder.  Never mind we will get there eventually.  We are so lucky compared to some.  Must think positive nil desperandum and all that.  On the few occasions this week we have seen the sun it has been bitterly cold but at least it has been out to play.  But come night all I want to do is shut the door, close the curtains keep in the warm  and close the world out and make it go away.  Each day though I come back with a clean crisp page to write and a different perspective from the day before.  Cussed am I not!

Tomorrow I have to sort out what I am wearing to the party on Friday night and I a hopefully meeting a very dear friend for lunch.

Right I am off for some shut eye and some much needed rest until the alarm goes off (or not) tomorrow morning - (it failed this morning)!

Catch up soon



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