Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday Challenge

I am trying to focus on a few things each day in order to get things done as sometimes I get overloaded and then I get burned out.  The negative side of this is it then has a knock on effect with my confidence and self worth. I thought this might be a good way of managing things in bite sized chunks and then hopefully reducing the "low days and lack of confidence
  •  Walk to Work
  • Work
  • Walk home
  • Cook Tea  -something quick when I get in Monday is traditionally Scratch Tea
  • Ironing (we have an ironing mountain here which I hope to reduce and then control)
  • Some more of my longstitch (yet again trying to do a little and often)
Will see how it goes - anyone else going to join in and what sort of things do you hope to achieve.   Love to hear from you.

Catch you soon



1 comment:

  1. Good luck reducing your ironing mountain, when the kids were small I was never without one. I have it under control these days, mostly by folding and putting away anything that doesn't need ironing as soon as it is dry.I can manage what is then left :)


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