Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Mum's Quick Pasta Lunch

When I went to mum's the other week she did a really quick lunch for me consisting of pasta, home made cheese sauce a tin of salmon, and it normally has sweetcorn in as well.  You can change the basis to whatever you have. I understand that mum makes it with Tuna as well.  I was not too keen on the idea to start with but after the first mouthful which was warming and filling you could say I was hooked - please excuse the pun.  It was a lovely light lunch that was filling but it did not make you feel uncomfortably stuffed which is the kind of meal I love.

Basically mum cooked some pasta (on this occasion Penne)  until it was al dente (there are no measurements just enough pasta for how many bodies you have to feed.  If more than four use two tins of Tuna or salmon or add additionalveggies in like cooked broccoli, kale, etc. Mum then made the cheese sauce using a roux sauce as a basis and then adding grated cheese to taste with a little mustard to bring out the cheesy flavour.  She then drained a tin of Salmon and drained and flaked it and mixed it through the pasta and then added the cheese sauce.  This was then served simply with some nice fresh bread and butter and it went down well.

I am home alone this Saturday so I may well do this for myself.  I hope to do some cooking on Saturday. I have some pumpkin left and quite fancy making some soup and maybe a pumpkin and goats cheese risotto to use up some ingredients I have to hand. OH is working so he will need something nice and filling for when he gets in.  I also hope to do some pastry baking.  We will have to see how things go as I am out on Friday evening for the works Christmas/New Years do.

Hope everyone is well

Love and light



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