Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pasta Something

Its getting towards the end of the month again and the proverbial cupboard to all intents and purposes is looking a bit bare; well perhaps that is not strictly true I had ingredients but on the face of it they just did not appear to go together,but we needed something to eat something that would make us feel full.  OH had been at work all day so we needed something substantial.

One thing I do tend to keep in store is lots of different pastas  Its a good way of getting a nice filling meal and I had bought some fusilli when it was on offer recently.

I had plenty of cheese, milk, pasta, some chorizo, yellow pepper, onions and broccoli, a pack of Philly cheese with chives so I threw these items together.  Strong flavours with the cheese and chorizo so I started by cooking the pasta in boiling water.  Whilst this was on I fried a couple of onions in oil with a dash of butter until golden and then drained them on some kitchen paper and set them to one side.  I then chopped up the chorizo, yellow pepper, broccoli up into slices and small florets of broccoli (so they would cook quickly and add  bit of colour to the dish).  Once the pasta was cooked I popped in the philly cheese until it was melted.  You do have to keep stirring continuously at this juncture otherwise the pasta could burn and stir through  you can always add a little milk to thin it down if it gets too thick and then added the rest of the ingredients.  I then melted some cheddar in some milk in the microwave together and then when melted added some cornflour to thicken up the cheese sauce and then distributed it through the pan and then served in pasta dishes with hunks of thick bred.  The result was not a conventional pasta dish but we enjoyed it and it was filling. It also made use of what I had to hand without going and spending anything.  In fact OH has just finished off the leftovers for a snack so that should keep him going until Sunday lunch later on.

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