Monday, 20 January 2014

Simple Things - Parsley Sauce

In the run up to Christmas at my local veg stall they had some large bunches of fresh parsley so I snaffled some as you do and hung it off my dresser to dry.  Result after taking the dried leaves off the stems and disposing of the dried stem I now have a full jar of home dried parsley which smells wonderful.  I am thinking here something simple like parsley sauce to go with a piece of fresh fish.  I shall have a look later in the week to see if I can find a nice piece of cod or fresh haddock(or perhaps something that we do not have to ring the changes) to have for tea one night.  I like to include fish in our diets every so often as it is easy for my system to process and will help with the arthritis.  We prefer fresh fish as buying it already frozen seems to lose something in the flavour and the texture.  There is nothing nicer than going to the fish Cellars at Port Isaac and choosing the fish fresh; when we go down to Cornwall (we go self catering) we always head this way at least once.

Parsley sauce is easy to make in any event and I think home made has a better fuller flavour. And its another ingredient that has no nasties on - I know where it came from and I have dried it myself.   Here is the recipe I use:

The beauty of this recipe is that it gives you options for fresh, dried or freeze dried parsley. I have fresh growing in the garden as well.

Parsley sauce though is not restricted to fish.  It is just as nice with a piece of cooked gammon.

Right have to go

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  1. Hi there Pattypan, thank you for your kind words :D I'm back to blogging a bit more and it's good to catch up with friends :D

    I adore parsley sauce and even my children quite like it, which is astonishing!!!

  2. Nice to see you back Yarrow have missed you.

    Take care




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