Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Introducing the kittens

Molly had kittens five weeks ago  this time  five of them.

 I have just started to wean them and to handle them a bit - they are not too keen at the handling part but they each did suckle a little milk and one of them tried to suckle my finger.  I also took the opportunity to try and take some photos - they are as they are but that is part of the charm for me.

Getting them all together without one of them doing  bunk is nigh on impossible one of them always manages to hide.    I must say I am pretty smitten with them but then I absolutely love cats and kittens.  They are so sweet.




  1. This takes me back to 6 years ago when our Polly gave birth to 4 of the little rascals, our life was turned upside down for quite a while and we decided to keep them all. Polly was a stray and we didn't know she was pregnant when we took her in so it was all a surprise.
    We then had 7 cats 2 of which have since died from old age but we still have the 5.
    We wouldn't change anything as they are our life and entertain us each and every day.
    Look forward to more pictures in the coming weeks.
    Hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Aw Trishia, they are GORGEOUS! I'm smitten with them all.
    I remember when I was a little girl we had a stray that gave birth in the coal shed to two kittens which we kept :o) Bet you're in a quandry what to do with them...I'd be hard put to find them new homes...
    Hope you are feeling much better, and work hasn't taken it out of you this week.
    Rose H


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