Monday, 21 April 2014

Experimenting with crochet

As I have indicated in a  previous post I am intent on experimenting with different crochet stitches and expanding my stitch repertoire as up to now I seem to have concentrated on trebles and variations thereof.

I am quite taken with the popcorn pattern and I have located a tutorial here:

For the single row version


 For the double row version:

And a pdf written pattern here.  The written pattern provides for one row of the popcorn stitch where in the video tutorial a double row is used although in complementing colours.

Here is the link to the pdf.


Here is a photo of my first attempt - I was quite surprised how quickly I got to grips with the popcorn and I really like this pattern.  I just need to work on the tension a little bit and placement of stitches in the centre.  I also did an extra row of the popcorn stitch  - might have to pull this down as it seems to have worked up tight.  Will have to see.

I think that this would make a lovely bedspread - a future project - I have the bulk of the wool but I need to get some UFOs out of the way first.


  1. This is the only problem with the internet, there are so many things to do. I have to be a bit strict and try to finish things up or I end up with so many projects on the go.
    I like this popcorn stitch and I've never tried it so will take a look at the sites, thanks for that.

  2. Hi Briony the tutorial was very clear just took me a couple of goes to work out how to do it. One of the better tutorials I have come across. And yes the internet is a problem in that it gives you ever so many new ideas, but then I would rather have too much choice than none at all.

    Take care




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