Monday, 28 April 2014

Friday catch up

Friday was a mixed emotion day  for me as two of my kittens (two little boys) went to their new owner.   I was a little upset and concerned as with the best will in the world you never know who they are going to.  However it would appear that they have gone to someone as soft as myself for which I am pleased and both boys are together  as she has decided to keep them both - originally one of her friends was going to have one of them.  So I am grateful from that perspective.    Although I have indicated that if for any reason they cannot keep them (one never knows these days) then I would take them back as I would not want them to be without a home.  Cats, kittens dogs are for life  - well they are in this household.

Molly has been calling for them and looking for them but she will settle and. at least she still has the other three at home which I am keeping (one more than originally anticipated). .The kittens keep looking for their siblings as well but they are still harum scarum and going and cuddling up with Aunty Squeak and curling up and going to sleep.  When they are not with her or mum they are all scrabbling to get on my lap which seems to be the favoured spot for which they all compete, but I make sure they get a turn each - fairs fair.

P.S.  Have found out that the boys are just starting to come out of their shells and are exploring their new home although they were a bit quiet for the first few days.  I do miss them though.



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  1. Great to hear they went to good homes, that is the reason I could not part with mine. Mummy is looking for her offspring now but our Molly wants nothing to do with her kittens (now 6 years old) and gives them grown and hiss if they come too close. But to be fair they are all much bigger than her.


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