Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you I hope you have a lovely day although the weather is very uninspiring dull and grey and wet here in Peterborough a duvet kind of day.  I was woken by the gentle pitter patter of rain drops upon window panes that gentle constant noise where you are not quite sure of whether it is raining or not and a quick look out the window quickly confirms its damp and wet which you knew anyway.  A curl up sort of day to browse, to dream to plot and plan and to remember.

Always on holidays like this my mind goes backwards to those memories of family gatherings and to those loved ones now passed; many have now gone and only a few remain.  Our holidays were so much about being together with loved ones, good food, diverse fun personalities and awkward ones who looked after the children, put them right gently, allowed them to be children within safe parameters and learn at the feet of our elders.  The older younger children took their turn in the nurturing process too when the adults wanted to talk they would keep their eye on the youngsters and this fell to each of the younger generation by turn as they advanced in years and more youngsters appeared on the scene.

We were also intergrated with older people from a very young age not necessarily family members but friends who were going to be on their own at celebrations like Easter and Christmas there was always room at the table for one more ans we learned to socialise at a very early age.

Learning - we still all have so much to learn but teaching a child within family boundaries means that they learn without realising it and it becomes second nature to them as they just seem to breathe it in and then have a go. It is also a way of passing on family values, family skills to the next generation a link from the past to the present.My Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father believed in education as the means and the door to open up new opportunities and he was so right.However some people are more practical than academic but the end of the day we all have gifts to bring to the table.  There is space for each of us we just have to find the niche.

I am on a learning curve at the moment which is taking me out of my comfort zone and in turn is stretching me and making me grow.  I would liken it to something like shaking up a feather pillow and plumping it up so that the pillow does not become hard and lumpy.  This shake up in reality is way overdue and is happening so that I  do not stagnate and I learn to walk a new pathway.  Although I am not finding this one easy.  I have five lovely kittens and I want to keep them all but in reality I know that is not feasible but it is tugging at my heartstrings and I am finding it very difficult to let go as they have been so enchanting, naughty but enchanting.  Two of them are due to go next weekend to their new homes  I know I need to let go but I am not finding it easy as I have so enjoyed them. 

Right I had better get a wriggle on as there is a right royal game of tag going on with the kittens and if I don't slow them down there will be an accident of some sort.

Hope you enjoy your Easter day today I am off to have some hot cross buns.

Catch up soon.




  1. Hi Patty
    I know only too well your dilemma over the kittens. We took a poor little half starved stray in 6 years ago not knowing at the time that she was pregnant by the black feral cat that was in our area. She produced 4 beautiful little black and white kittens and we couldn't part with them. At the time we also had 2 old cats, Kitty and Fred and so we ended up with 7 cats. We eventually lost the old two but still have 5, Mummy Polly and her offspring and we have never regretted a day of it. They are all 6 years old in May and as we are not young we are hoping that we can keep going to see the last one on its way over the rainbow.
    I'd love to see some pictures of your kittens, maybe you could post them on the blog.

  2. Hi Briony,

    Thank you for your understanding I just do not want to get rid of any of them it has been lovely looking after them. I have three little boys grey, tabby white long haired very pretty one Tabby and a black and white. However my OH is non too keen mores the pity. I will see if I can sort out some photos for you to have a look at. All the kittens are very affectionate too - I have got them used to being handled. Take care and thanks for popping by.




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