Friday, 27 June 2014

Being Tight, being Thrifty

Sorry have been away for a little while real life has got in the way and quite a lot has happened since I posted last.

We like a chicken Korma every so often you know the sort, buy the sauce in the jar, cook the chicken (usually thighs) with onions and then add the sauce.  A simple chuck it together meal but one which is going to come under scrutiny as the sauces are too sweet nice but sweet so I am going to look into making my own sauces and freezing them down.  Its not really home cooking in its truest format, but it could be given a little tweaking and if I batch prepare then freeze I am going to end up with a nice little stock of essentials to rely on from the freezer.  

OH has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes so it is even more important now than it was before.  However I also like Naan Bread and I tend to buy the Clay Oven Companies Naan Breads which are bigger than a dinner plate and come in a pack of three for the price of £1.39.  For one reason or another on the last couple of occasions they have not been eaten probably due to the fact there has been at least a second if not third serving left and I thought OH would eat up the bread to accompany the rest of the Korma which as it turns out he hasn't.  I cannot eat a full one so this evening we have had Chicken Korma together with Naan bread but instead of serving a whole one I have cut them in half and frozen the rest for another day.  I have popped them flat into freezer bags and the beauty is that they will be there when I feel the need for another Korma or Curry and I have not wasted anything. There are now five bags containing Naan bread residing in the freezer. We have to look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. hopefully!

Catch you soon




  1. We use the jar sauces quite a lot, I'd love to know how making your own to freeze works out. I only make a curry from scratch if we have guests for dinner!

  2. Only occasionally do I buy a ready-made curry sauce and always make mine from scratch, as I know the recipe off by heart. Not a new-fangled blended spices type one, but good old Margeurrite Patten! When Tam is home she will make her version, where she blends the spices and it is tasty rather how I have it (e.g. HOT!)

    Good idea about portioning up the Naan breads.


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