Sunday, 10 August 2014

Broad Beans

Horror stories of horror stories when I was a child Broad Beans were a no no for me I absolutely hated them.  Unfortunately for me because both my mother and  my grandmother used to pop Broad Beans as a side with every meal when they were in season and also into stews whereupon I would painstakingly remove every one and leave on the side of my plate.  Well they were grey looking in a grey coloured sack and were tough and as we got older we refused to eat them.

Fast forward quite a few years  - I was watching a cookery programme and they were preparing Broad Beans and the preparation was completely different to what I remembered. 

This is what I remembered:

The Beans were podded and then blanched in boiling water then popped into cold water and the skins removed to reveal brightly coloured beans in two halves - a lovely green bean which just heated slightly before serving is a taste explosion - I just absolutely love them this way so far removed from the horror of my childhood.  

This is the way we do them today so much more appetising;

Today's beans were from the supermarket they were reduced; ideally I would have several rotations growing in the garden the freshest way ever to get the benefit of proper fresh veggies but in the practical reality of life we have to make the best of what comes our way.  Its lovely just to have something that bit different to help perk the palate up.

What were your horrors on the veggie front and can you eat them today or do they remain on the horror list?

Catch you soon

Pattypan x

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