Monday, 11 August 2014

Christmas Hoarding 2014

Well I have started earlier than usual on starting to acquire items for the Christmas Food stock partly due to items being on offer and partly due to the long stop dates on the items in question in any event.  This list is just for the bought items - The Put Down 2014 covers the items I have made myself like home made liqueurs and  Chutneys I have not produced anything so far this year (mostly due to the hiccup earlier in the year) but that is about to change.  I shall update as and when I add further items to the list.

Items thus far
  1. 1 x Bottle of Chocolate Sauce
  2. 1 x Bottle of Butterscotch Sauce
  3. 3 x Bottles of Raspberry Coulis
  4. 3 x Bottles of Passionfruit Coulis
  5. 3 x Bottles of Crabbies
  6. 3 x Lemon Mousse Mix
  7. 3 x Strawberry Mousse Mix

10 August 2014

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tricia ~

    Glad to see you posting again :) Cmas isn't a big affair here really, at least food wise, so I don't have the worry of 'having enough in' but I always enjoy your "put down" posts ;)

    K x


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