Monday, 24 November 2014

Bubble N Squeak

For tea tonight - should have been served with lamb, but have ended up cooking a piece of ham and serving that with the Bubble N Squeak as the cats launched an online attack on the remnants of the lamb from yesterday when OH turned hi back for a split second!  The Ham was on the cards to be cooked in any event for OHs pack up but just means the ham will be served warm for a change.  I am not wasting all those lovely vegetables.

I think it was on Saturday on James' Martins Home Comforts cooking programme that there was a segment by the Food Historian Ivan Day about Bubble N Squeak and its origins which was very interesting as the meal originally consisted of left over cabbage and finely   cut left over meat brought together in a pan and turned into a large cake!  Not a potato in sight!

Mine has mashed potato, Brussel sprouts, some peas, some carrots, cauliflower all mixed up in it and then using my Tupperware beefburger formers made into Bubble N Squeak cakes which are then gently fried until golden brown and served with meat of your choice or in their own right.  After all they are very tasty and a star in their own right and its making use of something that would otherwise go to waste.  Fits my ethos of waste not want not very nicely.  I sometimes make a batch specifically for the freezer so OH can indulge in a snack when he gets peckish.

Anyway places to go people to see catch you later




  1. I love bubble & squeak, I like to crisp up some chopped bacon and stir that into the mix as well, it makes a good late breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning.

  2. Hi Pam

    I must say last night's version went down very nicely and yet as a kid I absolutely hated it. Just goes to prove that your tastes change as you get older. We also like this served as a side with Roast Pheasant. I too use bacon or bacon pieces every so often. It depends what needs using up in the fridge. Take care and thanks for popping by




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