Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas Hoarding 2014 Part 3

Well I have been adding a few more items to the list, just a few things here and there and also taking advantage of offers on some items. I am lucky and I know I am in that I am able to put things up here and there.  Equally though I have not gone as mad this year, partly due to prices but I have been a little more selective in what I have actually bought so far. I have bought a few sweets (but not as many as I have in the past). This year though I am going more for ingredients I can make things from like nuts, sesame seeds, potatoes, popping corn. Puff Pastry, dough, for making savoury pinwheels, cheese straws, cheese and sesame twists and for savoury popcorns and home made chips naan breads etc. 

Although I have particular brands of crackers that I always keep in as we love cheese I intend to make a few to ring the changes as well.  I think there will be a visit to the Cheese Shop in Stamford to get stocked up on some of the more specialist cheeses that we both like in the offing if we can and are also hoping to get a Stinking Bishop which is a firm favourite here.

With OH being diabetic I will make a selection of home dips and dressings together with fresh veggies for dipping so that he does not feel left out.  I have also worked out that if I prepare it myself I can experiment with some of the dressings and keep the sugar content very low or non-existent - it will affect the keeping quality but should keep in the fridge (if there are any left for a few days at least).

Right here it goes:

  1. 2 Tins Quality Street
  2. 2 Boxes of Jellies
  3. 1 Box Toffee Thins
  4. 2 Boxes After Eight Mints
  5. 2 Boxes Thorntons Chocolates
  6. 1 Bottle of Pink Fizz
  7. 1 Bottle Peppermint Cordial to go with the Rum.
  8. 2 Bags Speculatis Spice Biscuits (got mine from the £ shop at £1 per bag.
  9.  2 Large Packets McVities Digestive Biscuits (can be used as a base of a cheesecake, in puddings, with cheese so a useful ingredient to keep in - oh and for dunking in a mug of tea!)
  10. 2 Packets Belgian White Chocolate Cookies (from Co-Op 2 for £3)
  11. 4 Packets of Cheddars Cheesey bicuits.(Co-Op 1 for £1)
  12. 4 Packets Ryvita Multi Seed Flatbreads (I love these with cheese and dips) (Co-Op 1 x £1
  13. 1 Bottle South African Chardonnay (On offer £4.75)
  14. 6 Packets of Golden Wonder Tangy Toms Crisps. (30p introductory price from my Local Newsagents but I understand Tesco do them as well)
Things are slowly coming together.  

I would just mention that because I have the choice of ingredients does not mean to say that they will all get used at Christmas.  Because I buy items that have a long stop date on them I will be using them well after Christmas and because I am stocked up on lots of goodies I should be able to get  by without having to do a major shop for a couple of months  - it will be just the fresh stuff and meat.  Shopping this way helps me  in being able  to stock the  chest freezer up because I still budget for the same amount of housekeeping I just don't spend it and then can go predominantly meat shopping after a couple of months.  Its swings and roundabouts but doing it this way works for me and allows me to take advantage of proper bargains and seasonal items. Like Seville Oranges for Marmalade and Strawberries for Jam!

 And of course there are always things to make from those ingredients I was talking about.

Catch you soon



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