Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Hoarding and Christmas Traditions Part 2

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I have managed to accumulate some more items for the Christmas Hoard the majority of which are bits and bobs for cake decorating.  There are a few more items yet  to go on the list but I will pop these on at a later date.  It doesn't matter how much or how little you acquire as it all goes towards Christmas and in my case into the New Year as well.

  1. 4 blocks Chocolate
  2. 3 bags white chocolate chunks
  3. 3 bags dairy milk chocolate chunks
  4. 2 Bags Belgian Chocolate Chips
  5. 4 Fruit Flavour coloured cake icing pen
  6. 4 Tubs of Chocolate Vermicelli
  7. 1 Mixed tub of chocolate cake decorations
  8. 1 tub of Hundreds and thousands
  9. 1 tub of silver Dragees
  10. 1 bottle of French Almond Extract.
  11. Gold and Silver Glitter Pack
  12. 2 Tubs Thai Sweet Chilli Pringles
  13. 2 Tubs Texas Barbecue Pringles
  14. 2 Tubs Plain Pringles
  15. 2 Boxes Cadburys Fingers
  16. 1 bag of Beef Jerky
  17. 2 Boxes Brazil Nut Cookies
  18. 1 bag whit chocolate buttons
  19. 2 bags milk chocolate buttons
  20. 2 boxes Milky Bar tree decorations
  21. 1 tub of shimmer stars
  22. Kings Garden Dressing Pack.
 Still a few things to gather in

Catch you soon



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