Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cranberries and things to do with them

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Are in the shops  -well they were in M & S earlier in the week.  I always look out for them early as in the run up to Christmas you do not always have the time to set too and make some preserves but for cranberries, and clementines I always make an exception.   I will purchase mine at the beginning of December.  I always make Cranberry and Apple Jelly (not just for Christmas but I make in bulk as we use this quite a lot throughout the year either with a hot meal or in sarnies with brie (lovely if in a baguette and popped into the microwave to melt the brie) and/or meat.v  I also look out in reductions on cranberries in between time as well.  If you haven't got time to use them then and now you can always freeze them.

Please refer to earlier post for recipe:

I also make a fresh Cranberry and Grand Marnier whole berry sauce for serving with the Turkey which is delicious served warm but also cold.  Has a lovely piquant tang to it.  This is one of my little traditions that I have to make year in year out and if there is too much just freeze the residue for use at a later point after all there is only so much the fridge will hold.

And of course there are lots of other things to do with Cranberries not just jelly.

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