Sunday, 30 November 2014

Quiet Sunday and a Little Recycling

It has been a quietish day here at Pattypans although it was very  busy first thing as we had another visit to the tip planned.  Primarily to get rid of the bits left over from the new carpet I had fitted last week in the front room and some other accumulated rubbish. I sorted out a big box of bottles I no longer had any use for. [ I have a habit of saving any jars and bottles that come into the house and I recycle them when I make preserves and/or cordials.  Beer bottles get recycled with home brew as do wine bottles for home made wine.  I recycle as much as I can reusing those bottles and jars I can get replacement closures for and the rest get recycled at the Bottle Bank rather than wasted].

On the way back we made an impromptu stop to get something to eat and drink and then came back to the house intent on getting on with some more sorting out.When we got back it was grey fading to dark the light that is peculiar to a November's day.  Unfortunately I got cosy and I think the pint glass of bitter shandy I had with my lunch finished me off as I fell asleep on the settee (I don't normally drop off to sleep just like that) and by the time I woke up it was a little too late to start anything. I have however rested up for a little while all nice and cosy.  So it will be an early start in the morning to try and get done what I had planned for today. I have this week off to try and get ready a little for Christmas.  A lot to achieve and so little time to do it in.  At least this time round I do not have to do the Pantry it is all done.Just need to do some ironing of OHs work clothes a little later I am waiting on the tumble drier.

Catch up soon




  1. Hi Pattypan, It's the getting ready for Christmas that takes so long. Everything's got to be cleaned before the tree goes up, I've cleaned the oven and the fridge and washed the stairs. Not something that most people have to do!
    Nothing wrong with a little nap on the sofa on a Sunday! x

  2. Hi Emma Kate; it is the housekeeping that gets in the way. I have the oven and the fridges to do yet. The little nap is sort of getting to be a habit not a planned one - just creeps up on me. Hope the pussies are doing well. I have six now and a Jack Russell. Take care and thanks for popping by. Blessings Pattypan x


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