Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Catch up

Its been a busy old week where I haven't had time to catch my breath but that is good in one sense as you really do not have time to get bored.  Not that I get bored often, but sometimes you just need to relax do nothing and breathe to help re-charge the batteries.  However it has not been one of those weekends either.

We started work removing the old carpet yesterday in the front room and consequently the rest of the house is all upside down as what was in the lounge is now in various places around the house whilst we get down to business in the lounge.

Today we have been to the tip 3 times with the car fully laden.  I had to have a new tumble drier as the old one gave up the ghost I have had it about 15 years|) so that had to go and also the old dishwasher needed removing.  There was also some misceallaneous household waste including polystyrene and of course some garden waste.  Will have some more next weekend but it all needed packaging up before taking down to the tip as well but a long outstanding job tackled and out the way with.

We cut down an over eager Cotoneaster which had turned into a tree and all the branches are in the front garden.  We are waiting for a drier day to chop it all down and bag up and also take that to the tip.  I have some minimal clearing to do in the herb border to tidy it up for the winter months and then hopefully we will be able to start on the jungle!  The start of the garden clippings though will probably get cleared next weekend.

And then of course there have been the usual household chores like washing, drying and ironing (not an easy feat when we have had for the past couple of days freezing thick fen fog and the temperatures have dipped) in between everything else and then of course Sunday lunch, Roast Chicken plus the trimmings.  Yummmy.

Right am off to do a bit more

Catch you soon.



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