Monday, 15 December 2014

Buttons and Beads

I was looking for Christmas decorations this morning and in my hunt I ended up finding a bag full of lots of bits and pieces that quite literally I had forgotten about namely some buttons and beads that I had purchased earlier in the year and pots and pots of seed beads and buttons.  From time to time I enjoy playing a little - I wish I had time to play more seriously but there are so many things I am into and yet there are only so many hours in the day.  Something has to give and unfortunately it is the crafts at the moment but I intend to try and make more time in the New Year to have a play day every so often - that's the hope anyway.

I have lots of lovely beading and jewellery books that I have gathered over the years and in the following book there are several patterns that I would actually like to make for myself as well as for Christmas presents.  Next year I intend to start making a few things and popping them up gradually allowing myself more time to do things rather than having a last minute panic which causes negativity.

these beads are intended for a necklace and matching bracelet

These buttons are to make the necklet below

This is the book that the necklet is from (sorry the picture is not as good as it could be the flash is altering the colour)

 I also have some Angel earrings which have been assembled and need attaching to their hoops,  I will pop up a photo once I have located my jewellery pliers.

Here are some of the other bits I have made over the years.

Just simple stringing but with the right beads something simple becomes something unique and I love different.


  1. What pretty things you have made, and more to come by the look of it. Tam makes jewellery too, mainly earrings. I agree with you about having too many interests and not enough time! Happy crafting.

  2. Thank you BB; I was taking bead work classes from a local Teacher for a few years; I am only a novice, but I love doing this when I can.Sadly the classes stopped and I have not found anyone for further tuition. I really need to play a bit to get more proficient with it. Today I have made a pair of Angel earrings for a friend for a Secret Santa present, consisting of various beads and findings. Must get myself organised to do more as they make a lovely present and are quickly done. I am hoping to start going back to my mother's on a Saturday to sort her out come the New Year in which case I will be able to get to the shop where I predominantly get my beads from although I have been looking on the Internet.

    Take care




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