Thursday, 4 December 2014

Catch up On Yesterday (Tuesday)

Sorry I have not been around for the last couple of days I have been engaged elsewhere shopping - not present shopping but useful item shopping.  To tell the truth I had gone into town for a delivery from Lakeland but ended up doing the rounds and buying a few more bits and bobs for the Christmas hoard including some large jam jars and some chocolate moulds.

In November Lakeland had an offer on with their small mini pie makers and their individual medium pie makers at £15 each(originally £30).  

When the offer initially came up I did not have the funds to hand and when I did go back in they had sold out.  So I decided to try online to see if I could get it that way - unfortunately not - they had sold out and were not adding a new order and the machine was therefore discontinued.  I was disappointed as I already had the medium pie maker but had quite fancied the mince pie sized pie maker - but it obviously was not meant to be.

However on collection of my goods I spotted a lone pie maker on the shelf with no packaging so I asked if I could buy it and guess what it came home with me; I am so very very chuffed as it will be ideal for OH making pies with no nasties in that he can eat relatively safely.

Needless to say I am really really chuffed and very very lucky so that cheered me up no end.


I am after all this time getting a new chest freezer  - thank you Mum you are brilliant just in time for Christmas and the New Year. 

That means I can start taking advantage of bargains and putting them up  - I have been absolutely lost without my chest freezer.  I can get better organised now just in time for Christmas and the New Year. Its crazy but I feel more secure with having a freezer full of food - it insulates you against the hard times and means that there will always be a meal of sorts lurking within its depths and that means a lot when there are not many pennies around.  In fact it was due to the freezer that we got through OH being out of work for 3 1/2 years as I was able to squirrel meat bargains away which kept the wolf from the door.  

Whilst out of work OH did not get any benefits, despite paying his stamp and working for over 30 years; because we were not married and even though the house was in his sole name (rented).  We had been told that he would receive this but three months down the line they had not come back to us and then it transpired because I was working they were not going to pay it the implication was I should give up my job - No way Jose its not my way of operating; so on that we became £1,000 in arrears through no fault of our own.Fortunately mum came to the rescue and helped us out but we repaid every penny. We were very very lucky.  People need help when things happen not kicking even further when they are down.  However as a result of that situation your priorities change and you establish what is and what is not necessary to live, how much gas for heating and cooking we needed a week, same with electric, with food  and we survived by saying no to borrowing money to get us even more into depth and chipping away at it bit by bit and clamping down on our financial affairs.  Its hard work, but lessons were learned from that experience and we pay for everything we have and do not buy it until we get the funds and do not use on the tick.  Its a hard - tough  honest discipline that works.  I think this in itself makes you appreciate things all the more because you have had to work blooming hard for them.  Working through a problem makes you appreciate the flaws all the more so you manage things better in     the future.

I also went to the Butchers and bought some Chipolatas Lincolnshire sausage, for toad in the hole and some pigs liver for liver, bacon and onion casserole with onion gravy, mashed potatoes and curly kale. Two simple home meals plain cooking but which will be tasty and warming in this chilly weather and which will do no harm.

I also hit Barratts the Health Food shop to stock up on some fine pinhead oatmeal for porridge and flapjacks, some crystallised ginger for baking, or popping on the table after dinner as a sweetmeat/digestive. I also bought some Hemp oil to help with my joints - you can either taken it by the teaspoon four a day or use it in cooking.  I think I may be using the latter option but felt I ought to give it a go.  I have also bought sliced coconut, flaked almonds, some coarse sea salt.  There are further items I need to stock up on the home made muesli but I will get the ingredients I need next pay day as well as to re-stock on some speciality flours for home made bread and pastries.

I also went into the new Waitrose store and stocked up on a few more items, some leaf gelatine and some other items.  So all in all I did not do too badly.

Catch you soon.



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