Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Trifles/Sweets

Now this is really speaking to me.  Think I may have to give this one a go!  All that white chocolate, seasonal clementines and orange liqueur and cream - blow the waste line sometimes there are things that a girl just has to do!

Yummy or what

But then again I might make a home made (Pattypan take on a version of Black Forest Gateau)  OHs favourite;  

During the summer II preserved some Morello cherries in syrup with added Kirsch having in mind Christmas and preparing a pudding that OH would like and not only that these cherries are just begging to be used in this way.  I also have some Morello Cherry jam.  What I thought I would do is make a couple of whisked chocolate sponge cakes round ones cook them and let them cool.  When cool the construction part begins.  to start with I drain thethe Cherries in Kirsch then drizzle a little of the syrup on each sponge.  I then add some of the Cherry Jam which has been warmed slightly and spread it onto the inside of each sponge and then let cool.  Then I add a layer of whipped double cream to both sponges and finally the  drained Morello Cherries in the Kirsch. I then pop them on the bottom sponge only on top of the cream layer then pop the other lid on with the cream and press it gently into place so from the bottom you end up with a base of sponge, syrup, jam whipped cream then the cherries.  When the lid is added you end up with the cherries in between two layers of cream, then the jam, syrup and sponge. Decorate the top with more cream, jam and cherries  and grated chocolate to your taste.  Do not waste the cherry Kirsch syrup left over - offer this into a little jug for drizzling over the "gateau" just before serving.  I have made this in the past it soon goes.  This is a simple way of creating a gateau without all the folderolles! 

I have given the normal way of making the Black Forest however since the last time I made it he has become diabetic.  The cherries were preserved in the mildest of syrups and drained well and I used the Splenda sugar substitute instead of sugar  in the sponge so that he might have a small piece. The cream is unsweetened.

You can also use a plain vanilla sponge and decorate with oranges, strawberries, mixed fruit. of your choices just alternating the fruit to suit your taste.

Right upwards and onwards

Tea break over




  1. For the first time ever since I was married I am not making a trifle. I will buy a small one from Morrisons and that will have to do!!

  2. Hi Anne

    Never mind - sometimes we can sometimes we can't do our own. Maybe next year. I usually have a problem with Trifles in that I have to make two - OH does not like Sherry so I always make a trifle without especially for him. My mum and I on the other hand like it with. I was thinking along the lines of just doing one for everyone this year and just adding a small amount of Grand Marnier to the recipe from the Morrisons website hide it if you like and just do not tell him what's in. I was in Morrisons yesterday and they looked as though they had a lovely choice on the pudding front. Puddings that would freeze very nicely as well - now that I have my new freezer! Take care sweetheart and regards to Edwin. Pattypan xx


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