Sunday, 28 December 2014


Both OH and I like smoked Salmon and Gravadlax - OH does not like tinned salmon but likes tinned Tuna and fresh Tuna I am not keen on fresh Tuna.  Having said that I have had it in mind for sometime that I wanted to have a go at making my own Gravadlax.  This Christmas whilst in Morrisons we came upon an offer for a whole Salmon  which we had filleted by the Fishmonger.We took out the bones with a pair of tweezers at home.

I have several recipes in various cookbooks but in the end I used this recipe on:

 I had it in my head that this is quite complicated but in actual fact it was a lot easier in practice and the tip about using cling film actually works extremely well. It was good to try something new.

And if I do say so myself it is lovely.  As the fish was about 4lbs in weight once filleted we have ended up with loads of Gravadlax but the beauty of this recipe is that any excess can be frozen for up to two months by slicing and separating with interleaving sheets.

That means I will still be able to enjoy the Salmon in the weeks to come, either on its own with scrambled egg, with home made bagels, in quiche, in sandwiches.  

In future if there is any Salmon on offer I think I will be taking full advantage.

Catch you soon.



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