Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Its only the depth that varies

I have had a really bad cold and raging toothache since the weekend and ended up having to miss the Christmas party I intended to go to because I couldn't eat very  much was full of cold and in agony with the tooth.  I chipped a back one which I have been to the dentist for and had a filling added but I know my teeth I do not think it will be long before I lose it completely. 

The washing machine also packed up a fortnight ago and the Engineer is due first thing on Friday morning it has to have a new block and drum in it.  I am also in the pros of deep cleaning the house although hampered by no washing machine; but I am slowly getting there.  

Shopping with mother on Friday and Saturday.

Decorations at the weekend (I had planned on doing last Sunday but something else got in the way).  It all goes to make life interesting.

I have a new chest freezer arriving on Saturday morning

There is also the main food shopping trip to do

A couple of late nights shopping for Christmas pressies I shall wrap as I go.

Then there is the last minute pop into town for M  & S.

Then the baking.

Next year I am doing things differently.  I have decided that I prefer leisurely time in acquiring pressies and/or making them I do not like last minute.  So am going to prepare a couple of funds for Christmas and the Preserving pot.  Next year Christmas starts early I shall stockpile differently.

I have made some earrings for a friend for Christmas I hope she likes them.

Right I have to get a wriggle on - less moaning more action - just thought should let you know that I am still alive and kicking - just slightly otherwise engaged.

Catch you shortly




  1. It sounds hectic! I keep thinking I must make lists, but am kidding myself that there is still plenty of time with a week to go. I've set myself ambitious last minute gift makes yet again. I just wish I could come up with the ideas of what to make a little more in advance!

  2. Pressed publish too soon!
    You have my sympathies with the tooth. I had the same thing happen to me in August.It was filled and then had to be extracted within a week:(

  3. Hi Scarlet

    Come this time of year it is always hectic for me. I make list after list and I was doing quite well up until the point where I was poorly earlier in the year. I am always over-ambitious I aim high and even if I do not manage everything I do better than what I normally would. I have popped a scrapbook up on the blog with links to patterns that I am interested in so that I can get back to them all in one place later on. I intend to update it regularly. I think its called being trigger happy pressing buttons too soon. This is the second time this year that I have had problems - I had to have an extraction then and a plate. To make matters worse I have broken the plate as well and will have to wait until the New Year before can do anything on that score. Never mind these things are sent to try us. Take care Hugs Pattypan x


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